This site is meant to make everyone realize that the HEATERS in your life can make you smile, while the COOLERS can make you laugh. We all go through the same struggles, and this is a way to share my experiences with you and hopefully make you smile AND laugh.


Friday, January 7, 2011


This is a great HEATER first hand from Marcus Noel!!
If you were at the BARTOX BOOTCAMP you know this is a HEATER!!

I was expecting a notice for a court date in the mail to contest a $385 noise complaint ticket I was issued after the Bartox Bootcamp . I was told I’d get a notice in the mail within 4-6 weeks… that was in September. Come December I still hadn’t received anything.  I didn’t want to become liable for the ticket for not showing up in court or having it come back to haunt me in the future somehow so I took the pro-active approach and called the Provincial Offences Office (phone number that is on the ticket) to find out the status of the ticket. I spoke with a surprisingly friendly lady on the phone and gave her the ticket number. To both our surprise she said the is no such ticket number on file. Then to be sure, she ran my driver’s license to see if there were any outstanding tickets associated with that, again, it came up clean! She said the By-Law Officer’s are required to submit their tickets within a certain time frame and, while not very common, in some cases the tickets never get submitted or are submitted late for various reasons and become void. She doubled checked  her data base once more to be sure then told me that it appears I’m off the hook… Knock on wood…lol. HEATERRRRR!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


CAPTURED COOLER by Nick Jaz of Ottawa, Ontario

"We’ve already established that tangerines are indeed heaters, that is until you bite into one of the juicy buggers only to find out that your treat has a surprise for you.
A seed in your seedless tangerine! WTF!"


When people look like Animals!! Some people will say that you always tend to look like your pet, but there’s the odd individual who actually looks exactly like an animal. My Nan always says everybody looks like something…….this guy…..happens to look and act like a Donkey…..HEATER!!



Being part of the best Hockey Nation of all time and blowing a 3rd period 3 goal lead  vs. the Russians to lose in the Gold Medal game of the World Junior Hockey Championship after losing the previous year to the Yanks in a shootout!!COOLER!!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011


That point when you know all the words to the newest hot song before it becomes played out!! You hear that beat you recognize and the drumline that all the kids are talking about and then realize it's THAT song...the one that's in all the clubs and on all the tv shows, and since you have your ear to the speaker you know all the words and can scream along as you drive! HEATER!!


Trying to remember to write the CORRECT year when writing the date for the first month of a new year!! Literally every year it takes me at least 2 weeks to a month to stop writing the previous year on documents and files. It’s embarrassing, annoying and makes for a lot of cleaning up after the fact. Damn you calendar years….damn you!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Getting a bill in the mail and you some how have a credit on it!! I have a set amount that I set aside each paycheck for utilities and today I received an email stating that I apparently had a credit on my electricity bill!! HEATER!! (literally….I have electric heat, so I can put the HEATER on now….lol)


Having a piping hot coffee ready to go in the morning and then having to deal with back to back to back clients and when you finally get to your first sip, it’s an Iced Cappuccino. COOLER!!