This site is meant to make everyone realize that the HEATERS in your life can make you smile, while the COOLERS can make you laugh. We all go through the same struggles, and this is a way to share my experiences with you and hopefully make you smile AND laugh.


Friday, January 28, 2011


People who are optimistic!! Throughout our lives we meet people who are either optimistic or pessimistic and needless to say it helps everyone around when you find someone who always sees things from a positive stand point. I clearly have been through the ringer and had my up’s and down’s but one thing I’ve learned from my experiences is that things can ALWAYS be worse and no matter how bad you think things are, there’s someone that has been or is in a worse situation. Here’s to optimism and staying positive!!


Child obesity!! I am proud to say that I have two beautiful healthy children that are both active in sports, dance and running around the house. I do feel sorry for the kids of parents who throw junk food at them because they rush dinner, or simply get drive thru every night because they're too lazy to cook for their children. You made the concious decision to have your children so try taking care of them and acting like you give a shit about their well being and future. That's my rant for the day. Have a great weekend filled with Wendy's and McDonalds!!  

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Shiny Happy People!! I don’t know why but the song Shiny Happy People by REM is on a steady rotation at my work and every time it comes on I not only sing along but often find myself doing a jig on my desk before a colleague or client asks me what the hell I’m doing. Great song!! Believe it or not it’s 20 years old now!! WOW. I’m starting to be that person that talks about songs and kids don’t know what it is!! EEEEEEEEEESSSSH!!!


Realizing that you're getting old!! Refer to HEATER!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Making lists for people!!

A)      It makes people read what you have to say because everyone loves
           reading lists
B)      It keeps people anticipating what you’re going to write next which
           makes what you’re saying more interesting
C)      It looks more visually appealing
D)      You can drag them on for half the alphabet with out saying anything of
E)      Once you get past D you know that your list has past the multiple 
           choice stage and become an actual list!
F)      HEATER!!


Being the victim of a crime!! No one likes to be the victim but unfortunately in this world we live in bad things happen to good people. We've actually had multiple cases of people having their tires slashed in my works parking lot lately and then having their purses snatched by the "good samaritan" as the victim gets the tire out of the trunk. COOLER!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Seeing yourself or someone you know in the newspaper!! It really means nothing to everyone else in the city or the world for that matter but when you see your ugly mug in the paper as a wild fan at the playoff game or a friend who’s mom helps out at the local food bank on the front page of the Christmas Eve paper, you feel a slight satisfaction in knowing that in your little world…….you or somebody you know is a celebrity for a day!! HEATER!! 


Not being able to think of a COOLER for today?!! Lol.
I’ll be back with a great one tomorrow. CHESSSIR!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Mini stick hockey!! I had an older brother growing up and one of our favourite past times was playing stick hockey. (or hand hockey depending on whether we had hit each other with the sticks and had them taken away) My son just turned 4 and is an avid hockey player and budding hockey star. For Christmas my 93 year old grandma got him a mini stick set FULL with goalie stick, 2 player sticks AND a NET!!!! Needless to say I have never played with my son more then I have since Christmas, pretty much dragging him out of bed to play mini stuick hockey with me. HEATER!!


Telling someone that their baby is cute when it’s the ugliest baby in the world!! Lying is never advised, but there are times when it is necessary to avoid suicide and people sending their infants away in wicker baskets down the river for strangers to find and raise into kings. I have seen many a few cute babies in my day but the odd U.I.S. or “ugly infant syndrome” baby is always worth avoiding. Last thing you want to do is talk about how cute their child is as you try not to throw up lunch. Definite COOLER.